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DearCraft is a game that allows players to create a world with imagination and creativity unboundedly and play their own 3D sandbox game spontaneously.

What do you want?

  • Do you like to explore in colorful, wonderful, singular and mysterious dreamlands?
  • Do you like to dominate your dreamlands and become the king of the world?
  • Do you like to create games and share happiness with other players?
  • Do you like to be an evil genius who can create or destroy everything?

I know what you want! During the past 3 years I have surveyed various sandbox games. A lot of game feedbacks come from Steam community, FB, Youtube and game web sites or forums.

In this sandbox world, you are no longer alone. Go enjoy a wide variety of games with your friends. You will always have something you would like to do. This game is made for you, and you have DearCraft, which means you have a lot of dreams and a lot of experience.

~ from the Steam store page

Release date: April 29, 2019